Cough pills

Cough pills

The exclusive product of our company, formerly known as Tongtianji "Zhisou San", has a production history of more than 120 years. It has the effects of relieving cough, eliminating phlegm, soothing wind and regulating lung. It is used to treat wind evil, lung, cough, itchy throat, and phlegm that is not easy to spit out.

【Ingredients】7 herbs, including aster (prepared), white front, nepeta, licorice, stemone (prepared), platycodon, tangerine peel.

【Properties】This product is a brown or brownish-black bright concentrated pill; the taste is slightly bitter and slightly pungent.

【Functions and Indications】Relieve cough and expectorant, relieve wind and regulate lung. It is used for those who are not easy to spit out phlegm, coughing, itching and throat.

【Usage and Dosage】Oral. 20 capsules once, 2-3 times a day.

【Specifications】Each 7 grains weighs 1 gram.

【Approval Number】National Medicine Standard Z44022204

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